CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV Drain Surveys and Inspections

Drain surveys provide a non-invasive way to check the general health and functionality of drains. Giving us full visual access to underground systems to fully check their condition is invaluable to both new home buyers and existing householders thinking of extending their property.

When problems arise with a drainage system, some of the tell-tell signs can be a foul stench being found, washing machine backing up and causing a flood or the simplest could be highlighted because of a blocked sink. If any of these problems arise then a simple cost-effective solution could be to use a CCTV camera to check out and survey the state of the drains to see if there any blockages, damage, leaks etc. This method is less expensive, quicker and more convenient that digging holes and trenches to get to the root of the problem.

Our full colour reports will show the general condition of the drain and the location of junctions and connections. It will also include recommendations and costing for any required works, which if you are buying a new home can be invaluable when negotiating the cost of the purchase.


    Inspections of the Drains by HD Camera

    We also offer a visual only service which is a less expensive option if you just want a general MOT of your drainage system.

    By using remote control cameras to see what the problem is, the disruption to the client is reduced dramatically. The images are generated onto our mobile equipment meaning that we don’t need to go into the drains straight away to inspect what the problem is. This inspection system brings about little or no inconvenience to our clients’ daily routine and only when we find out what is going wrong, can we evaluate the best course of action, it is as simple as that!

    There can be many reasons to carry out a camera survey on a drainage system, below are a few:

    • CCTV Inspection – Quick surveys in real-time to highlight any issues or where the blockage is to be found
    • Buying a Property Survey – Its expensive buying a new home and to know what is going on with the drainage system is paramount
    • Seller – Doesn’t want delays to the sale because the purchaser did a survey of the drains and found some problems
    • Extensions – If there is going to be building work over or near drains then the local water authority will want a CCTV survey done, if it is near any of their drains

    A Professional CCTV Drain Survey Can Reveal the Following:

    • Blockages from debris and build-up of grease etc.
    • Tree roots growing inside the pipe
    • Minor and severe leaks
    • Displaced joints
    • Corrosion to the actual pipes
    • Cracked and collapsed drains
    • The build-up of scale inside the pipe
    • Signs of poor installation or displacement
    • Reveal areas of the pipes that need to be reviewed

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