Drain Blockages Caused By Wet Wipes

Drain Blockages Caused By Wet Wipes

The Problem With Wet Wipes Is!!!

In the news recently, it came to light that the ‘three Ps: pee, paper and poo’ are the only items that should be flushed down our toilets according to City to Sea Campaign and we need to have a massive rethink about our bad habits and how it affects the environment.

Blockages to drains caused by Baby Wipes or Wet Wipes in the UK costs about £100m a year to fix and a Thames Water supervisor stated that ‘Most people still don’t know that baby wipes contain plastic’ and they can be a real problem with regards to drainage blockages throughout the UK.

There was a study carried out by Water UK who represent all the large Sewerage and Water companies in the UK, revealed that what mainly causing blockages in our sewers was wet wipes and to be more precise the percentage was as high as 93% of these problems caused by the wipes.

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